Village Care™

Welcoming a new baby is a special and important time for parents. But birth and parenting also happen in the context of the greater community of family, friends, and other parents. Village Care™ honors and builds on the power of community. With guidance from your  midwife, you will learn, share, and prepare together with other Redwood Midwifery parents. We create a supportive environment for this unique time of life, and open the door to lasting bonds of friendship. The over-all intention is to help parents feel a greater sense of empowerment and confidence in their ability to care for themselves, their new baby, and their family.

Village Care™ was inspired by Birthing From Within, Centering Pregnancy, and the group prenatal care experiences in the 1980s of founder Rosanna Davis, LM. Maeve was apprenticed to Rosanna during the Village Care™ inception, and became a co-developer and facilitator.

Village Prenatal meetings combine a one-on-one checkup with your midwife, a facilitated group session, and some social time to connect with other parents.

Topics are guided by the needs of participants. Sample topics include labor preparation, prenatal nutrition, coping with surprises in birth, postpartum preparation, life with a newborn, changing family relationships, and more.

Later in your pregnancy, individual and group visits alternate to complete your care.

After baby arrives, new parents are invited back to share their birth stories and a potluck lunch with the group at our quarterly Return Gatherings.

Mothers and babies also come together regularly to share their joys and challenges, ask questions, learn from one another, and have checkups with the midwife at our bimonthly Village Postpartum groups.

Participation in Village Care™ is optional, and is supplemented by some full-length private appointments to complete your care. Clients may also opt out of groups choose all private appointments.

Why Groups?

  • People tend to thrive in groups where there is shared experience, friendship, and continuity of relationships.

  • Sometimes our peers are our best teachers. An environment supporting women and other parents in learning from each other is powerful.

  • It can be very reassuring that others are experiencing the same questions and concerns.

  • Sometimes questions get forgotten during one-on-one care and there is missed opportunity.

  • Sometimes in a group someone else asks a question you’ve forgotten or didn’t think of, creating opportunity for exploration and discussion

  • We have time as a group to explore topics in greater depth than in individual visits